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Glaze Pop is the easiest and best way to give normal popcorn a kick! Choose from Blue Raspberry, Grape, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Cherry, and the two most popular flavors Caramel and Kettle Corn. It’s easy to do and simple to make.

The most common way to use Glaze Pop is as follows. Simply add glaze pop directly into the kettle. This will make a sort of frosted popcorn that is absolutely delicious. The coating of the popcorn is going to depend on the amount of Glaze Pop that you add to the kettle while your popping corn. It is recommend that you use 1/2 the amount of corn you use. For example if you are popping in 8 oz. of corn you should use 4 oz. of Glaze Pop.

Tinker around with the recipe by adding more or less Glaze, oil, and corn to find out what you like the best! Once you know what kind of ratios you like to use try mixing different flavors like  Chocolate and Cherry to make Chocolate covered Cherry flavored popcorn, or try Kettle corn (Pop N Glaze) and Cinnamon to make a Sweet and Spicy flavor.

And as always we’ll pay the shipping!